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Factors That Affect The Cost Of Office Cleaning Services

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Workplace environments contain millions of bacteria and allergens, especially on carpets and office desks. These can contribute to all kinds of diseases and increase the office's absenteeism rate. 

For this reason, many businesses are committed to hiring office cleaning services to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. If you are searching for an office cleaning professional, you are probably concerned about how much you will pay. Here are a few factors that affect cleaning service rates.

Office Size

Most office cleaners charge per hour or according to an area's square foot. Expect the cost of office cleaning to be proportional to the size of your space.

To save on cleaning costs, choose an hourly rate if your office is small. However, paying per square foot will be more cost-efficient if you have a large workspace. Ask your office cleaning service to give you a quote with a breakdown of their services before you hire them.

Frequency of Service

A one-time cleaning session is more costly than a regular session. This is because the one-off sessions involve thorough cleaning that requires more labor, time, and materials compared to frequent maintenance. Therefore, it is cheaper to hire a cleaning team on a contract basis.

When determining whether to hire a cleaning team on a contract basis, it is important to review the traffic to your office and the daily exposure to dirt, germs, and allergens. For example, businesses such as hospitals benefit more from frequent cleaning than one-time cleaning sessions. This is because of the heavy foot traffic and exposure to infectious diseases around these premises.

The Cleaning Tasks

A simple office cleaning will not last long and will be cheaper than a school or hospital cleaning task. Ensure you note down the task you need the cleaners to complete. 

For example, if you have special cleaning requirements like windows and bathrooms, expect higher costs. Bathrooms need specialized cleaning because they are high-traffic areas. Window cleaning is also time-consuming and requires skilled cleaners. Ask the office cleaners to break down their cost by indicating how much they charge for each cleaning task. 

Nature of Your Business

The cost of office cleaners also varies depending on the nature of the business. For example, chemical plants are high-risk areas that require cleaners to wear safety gear and employ specialized cleaning methods. 

Hospitals and restaurants also require more diligence and, thus, more advanced cleaning methods to ensure the safety of people, products, and equipment. On the other hand, cleaning a standard office that deals with loan reimbursement or insurance may be far cheaper because the task is straightforward. 

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