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Two Do's and a Don't for Cleaning Your Warehouse

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If you don't keep your warehouse clean, anything stored in it will not stay in good condition. Cleaning your warehouse regularly is one of the best ways to keep items safe and free of contaminants like mold. However, cleaning a warehouse can get a little complicated because of the size and the amount of activity; you can clean one section only to find it dirty again a few hours later. You also need to clean in a way that won't adversely affect the stored products, such as using so much bleach that everything you ship out smells like bleach. As you work out a schedule for cleaning the warehouse, do be sure to include a couple of items, and don't forget something that a lot of cleaning plans don't take into account.

Do Try to Use Green/Eco-friendly Products and Methods

Sometimes you have to bring out the really tough cleaning chemicals to handle a spill or stain, but a lot of cleaning now can be done with green or environmentally friendly methods and products. Not only are those better for your workers, but they also stop the transfer of strong smells to the products you store if you use fragrance-free products. (Be aware that some "natural" scents can be super strong.) Some of your customers may have chemical sensitivities or fragrance allergies, and while environmentally friendly products are chemicals, too, they tend to be less aggravating. Fragrances, as mentioned, can be strong, but if you look for fragrance-free products, you won't have to worry about transferring scents to products waiting to be shipped.

Do Ensure Everyone Monitors Their Workstations

People generate trash. From tissues to dirt tracked in on shoes, people bring in a lot of material that eventually ends up making their particular office or workstation look rather dingy. Ensure everyone cleans up after themselves. If you have particularly messy employees, you've got to get them to be more careful so they start to keep their desks or work areas clean. While you might have a cleaning crew go through the site, the cleaning crew can't really throw out things like crumpled paper on desks because they don't know if that's actually trash.

Don't Forget the Walls

One task people often forget about is cleaning the walls in each room. If there are beams, those can gather dust on top, but even straight, smooth walls can end up with a layer of dust. Taking a dry dust cloth and dusting the walls (use a handle that extends) helps keep them looking better. If the walls have splatters on them from, say, an old spill or old water damage, clean those off quickly.

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