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Tips For Having Your Carpet Cleaned

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Residential carpet cleaning has so many benefits. Professional cleaning equipment can extract more grime from the carpet than at-home shampooers typically do. In some cases, it may also be necessary to maintain a warranty on your carpet. But how do you go about having your carpet professionally cleaned in the most beneficial way? Take a look.

Get a quote if your home is large or unusual

Most carpet cleaning companies have a base charge per room. Some may have a price they set for those who need two or three rooms cleaned. If you have a large or unusually shaped home, however, this pricing scheme may prove difficult. For example, if you have an enormous great room downstairs, your carpet cleaning company may not consider that a single room and may have to charge you more. As such, in situations like this, it is helpful to get a quote beforehand to ensure you know how much you'll pay for the service.

Let the carpet cleaners know if you have pets

If you have pets, let the carpet cleaning company know about them in advance. This way, the carpet cleaners will be prepared to spend a little more time extracting hair. They'll also know to play for stain removal and odor removal. Plus, carpet cleaning companies tend to use more natural, pet-friendly cleaners when they know furry friends will be spending lots of time on a carpet.

Move as much furniture as possible

If you can't move a piece of furniture off the carpet, the carpet cleaners will have no choice but to clean around it. So, you really want to minimize this. Move as much furniture out of the way as you can. This may be inconvenient, and it may mean your one or two non-carpeted rooms are really packed for a day or two, but it's important for a thorough cleaning job.

Ask about drying strategies

Is it best to open the windows and dry out the carpet? Should you plug in fans? How long will it take to dry? The answers to these questions all depend on your climate, temperature, and other factors. So, it's best to ask your carpet cleaning company these questions while they're at your home. They can give you the most personalized answers.

If you follow the tips above, you can have your carpets professionally cleaned and fully benefit from this service. For more information, contact a residential carpet floor cleaning service. Good luck!