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What To Expect With Flood Damage Restoration For Your Home After A Prolonged Rain Or Big Storm

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If your home is flooded after a heavy rain or storm, there are more problems to deal with when compared to a flood from a clean water pipe. Floodwaters are contaminated, and they contaminate everything they touch in your home. Get help from a flood damage restoration company so the damage is cleaned up safely. Here are some special considerations when cleaning up flood damage.

More Of Your Belongings May Be Ruined

Even clean water can damage furniture and other belongings, but when your carpet, sofa, clothing, and other items are soaked with contaminated floodwater, they may need to be discarded. A flood damage restoration professional can help you decide what needs to be thrown out during the cleanup process.

Your Home May Have Mud And Other Debris

Floodwater carries all types of debris it picks up during a storm. There might be mud all over the floor of your home once the water goes down. There could be small branches, trash, or even dead fish in your house. Cleanup requires several more steps than just getting rid of the water. The crew also has to get rid of all the mud and debris the water carried in. They may also need to tear out walls and flooring contaminated by the toxic water and debris.

Mold Could Be An Issue

If you can't get to your home for a few days to start the flood damage cleanup, mold could become a problem. Mold starts growing quickly in a home that's holding water and moisture. The damage cleanup could be as much about mold removal as it is about water damage. The restoration company is careful to remove mold from all areas of your home, even hidden areas, so you won't have ongoing issues with mold once your home is restored.

Water Damage Could Be Significant

A big problem with floodwater is that the water may take a long time to go down so you can start work on your home. Water can do a lot of damage, even if it is dried out quickly. When your home has standing water for days, the water damage could be significant. You may even need the help of a structural engineer, electrician, plumber, and HVAC contractor to assess the full extent of damage and get your home in order.

Wearing Protective Equipment Is Essential

You may be anxious to get in your house and sort out your belongings, but follow the instructions of the flood damage restoration company for safety. You don't want to touch items contaminated with floodwater with your bare hands. To stay safe, you may need protective clothing, gloves, eyewear, and a respirator depending on the condition of your house.

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