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Run a Warehouse? 2 Tips to Keep It Clean

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If you run a warehouse you know how important it is to keep it clean. This is not only good for your employees but also good if you have clients that come to your warehouse. You will find two tips below to help you with this.

1. Hire a Warehouse Janitorial Service

One of the best ways to keep your warehouse clean is to hire a warehouse janitorial service. This service is experienced in cleaning warehouses which is much different than cleaning traditional homes and offices. The warehouse janitorial service can clean the flooring in your warehouse using special equipment. If you have a large warehouse the equipment will be strong enough and large enough to get the entire floor clean. They often use floor scrubbers to clean the flooring.

This service can also clean distribution areas. They will make sure there is no litter or other types of obstructions. This is important as this will help keep your employees safe as they will not trip over anything. The service will clean shelves and all surfaces. Many services can help you organize your shelves and other surfaces also. 

If you have offices in your warehouse this cleaning surfaces can clean these also. This will include cleaning the floors, window blinds, removing litter, and emptying all trash cans then replacing each trash can with a garbage bag. As with the distribution area, the cleaning surface will clear any obstructions that may be in the hallways. 

Restrooms, cafeterias, and locker areas can also be cleaned. This is very important as many germs can get into these areas; with communities addressing COVID-19, regular sanitation can help prevent your employees from getting this virus.

2. Ask Employees to Help

Along with the janitorial service you can ask your employees to help you. Make a list of areas that need to be kept clean on a regular basis. You can then set up zones and hire employees to clean each zone.

Your employees can clean messes as they happen. This will make things much easier on them when it comes to cleaning. Ask your employees to keep the cafeteria area clean, such as keeping the refrigerators cleaned out, cleaning inside the microwaves, and cleaning up the area around coffee makers. 

Purchase cleaning supplies to have on hand for your employees, including brooms, surface cleaners, and more. Use green cleaners if you are worried about the environment.  

When you contact warehouse janitorial services, ask them what services they provide. This will ensure you are happy with the service you hire.