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3 Ways You Can Tell You Have Black Mold In Your Home

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One of the major problems most homeowners dread is mold damage in their homes. Mold grows as a result of moisture and warmth in the dark corners of the house. Unfortunately, most people only realize that they have a mold complication when it has spread into many parts of the home and needs a lot of money and effort to remove.

The worst kind of mold is the black mold because it is toxic. If diagnosis shows that your home has black mold, you might have to vacate the house and look for accommodation elsewhere before you hire professional cleaners and mold remediation services. Here are three ways to tell when you have a black mold problem in your home.

1. When Family Members Keep Getting Allergies and Irritation

When black mold matures, it starts releases spores into the air. These spores can circulate through the AC into all parts of the house. Due to its highly toxic nature, black mold spores will cause severe allergic reactions in your family members.  The allergic reactions might be accompanied by a runny nose, red eyes, dry cough, skin rashes, and at times, sinusitis and wheezing.

Family members with pre-existing respiratory health issues might start getting frequent asthma attacks, which will worsen with continued exposure to the mold.

2. When Walls Have Dark Stains

Mold is a form of fungus. When it starts growing on a surface, it creates the same kind of grayish and black staining typically formed by different fungi types. If you have noticed darkish stains on the walls of the bathroom, kitchen, the ceiling, and other parts of the house that often come into contact with moisture, you should consider having expert testing the home for the presence of mold.

Remember that mold can also form on your carpets and other upholstery. Keep checking all surfaces for stains, and if you notice any, call in mold removers.

3. When There Is a Persistent Musty Odor in the Home

Another common characteristic of the black mold is that it has a peculiar smell. If you have realized that there is a musty smell that lingers in your home despite how much you run the AC unit, you probably have the black mold.

The first thing to do when you discover black mold in your house should be moving out. Remember that if you have little children, there is a risk that they might ingest black mold and get mycotoxicosis. Call in a reliable cleaning company as soon as possible for fast and efficient mold removal.