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Carpet-Cleaning Tips Using Household Items

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If you're looking for effective carpet-cleaning products, you don't have to go any further than your kitchen pantry. Not only is using items you already own convenient, it will also allow you to save money as well. In most cases, there's no need to purchase costly specialty products when everyday items can work just as well, or in some cases, even better.

Another benefit of using household items to freshen, clean and remove stains from carpeting is that many of them are all-natural and free of harmful chemicals. Using non-toxic cleaning products is especially important if you have small children or pets that make close contact with the carpeting.

You can use the common, environmentally friendly items to remove even the toughest odors and stains from your floor coverings. Just make sure to spot-test the carpet in an inconspicuous area, such as in a closet, prior to using a product. If you see any damaging effects on the fibers, move on to a safer solution.

You can also combine several different household items to create a specialized cleaning treatment for your carpeting. For instance, if you need a product that both removes stains and deodorizes, consider using a baking soda and vinegar combination.

Following are additional tips for carpet cleaning with household items:

1. Stain Removers

If your overall carpet is clean but you just need a fast and effective stain remover, create a thick paste using baking soda and warm water, and spread a thin layer over the spot. The baking soda will help draw the stain out of the carpet fibers and is ideal for coffee, red wine, juice, and other types of spills.

Allow the paste to sit on the stain for an hour, and then wipe the area clean with a wet sponge or cloth. Repeat the process as necessary. 

2. General Cleaner 

When it comes to general carpet cleaning, a fast, easy and inexpensive solution is a mixture of one teaspoon of gentle dishwashing soap and one cup of warm water. Make the soapy mixture in a spray bottle, and apply it to both small or large sections of carpeting, such as a doorway, depending on your needs. Wipe up the area with a dry towel.  You can also use a cloth to dab on a specific stain.

3. Gum Remover

If someone accidentally got chewing gum on your carpet, fill a baggie with ice cubes and apply it to the stain until it starts to harden. Then, use a spatula, butter knife, or chisel to break the hardened gum up and out of the carpet fibers. Finish by vacuuming up the gum chips, or pick them up by hand.