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Ways That a Crime Scene Cleanup Crew Can Help You After a Tear Gas Incident

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Most people go their entire lives without ever having tear gas deployed in their homes. If the police have fired multiple canisters of this potent substance into your residence, this is a very serious incident. There are many reasons that you could find yourself in this situation. Perhaps an unstable family member refused to let the police take him or her into custody, or perhaps someone broke into your home while you weren't there and refused to come out. Regardless of the reason, you're facing the difficult task of dealing with the mess — and that's where a crime scene cleanup crew can help.

Odor Removal

Long after the police have left the area, the odor of tear gas will remain in your home. This isn't an issue that simply opening the windows will solve, because this noxious substance will have absorbed into your furniture, draperies, carpet, and more. A crime scene cleanup service will have the right cleaning equipment and experience to remove the odor from anywhere that it is present, allowing you to return to your home after a set period of time without smelling the tear gas.

Human Substance Removal

Its name may suggest that tear gas simply makes a person's eyes water, but this is only one way that this chemical may have affected someone who was in your home at the time of the incident. People who are exposed to tear gas can suffer a variety of health issues, including vomiting. Additionally, because the target may have been disoriented, he or she could have tripped and fallen, resulting in the loss of blood. These aren't messes that you want to deal with yourself, but your crime scene cleanup crew can remove any human substances that were left on the scene.

Damage Repair

Different crime scene cleanup services offer different degrees of help when it comes to dealing with damage inside of your home. Many will perform short-term repairs, such as installing plywood over broken windows as a temporary barrier, while others will go a step further by arranging for a window to replace any glass that was broken during the incident. Talk with a few crime scene cleanup services to discuss the damage that your home is currently facing and see which service can help you with it the best. You can then feel confident about moving forward and putting the unfortunate tear gas incident behind you.