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Can Your Carpets Be Cleaned After Smoke Damage Or A Fire?

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Even after a small fire, the smoke smell can linger. You can have areas of your home completely untouched by fire that still smell like ash and smoke. Could a carpet cleaning help? It really depends on the extent of the damage. 

Removing Odors from Carpet After a Fire

Carpet tends to retain odors not just because the odors seep into its fibers, but also because it gets into the padding underneath the carpet. You can vacuum as much as you want, but you can't extract the odor from beneath the carpet -- a professional cleaning is needed for this.

A professional cleaning sends water and soap down to the very bottom of the carpet's padding. The water is then extracted, leaving the carpet just a little damp, and removing any of the offensive odor. 

Carpet Damage Following a Fire

It is important to analyze the carpet damage after a fire. If the smell is not the smell of smoke or ash, it could be the smell of burned plastics. If your carpet is made out of artificial, synthetic fibers, it's possible that it may have melted a little during the fire.

A melted carpet will need to be replaced. Even if it looks passable, it will continue to have an odor. The fibers will also be damaged, which will collect dirt over time. It will become more difficult to clean and unpleasant to walk across.

Identifying the Cause of Odors

If a carpet has already been professionally cleaned and there are still odors that linger, you should make sure that the odors are coming from the carpet itself. After a fire, the smoke smell can linger in the walls themselves, in addition to the insulation inside of the walls.

You can pull out your carpet entirely, stretch it, and put it back if the entirety of your home's interior has to be cleaned. This may be the best option if you aren't sure whether the carpet is the source of the smell.

The best way to clean a carpet after a fire is to use a professional cleaning service with an extractor. Still, you should be aware that it may not resolve the issue because the carpet itself may not be the problem. Replacing the carpet and padding may still leave lingering odors in the sub floor, walls, insulation, and even things like wallpaper. A remediation team may be necessary to completely restore your home.

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