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Do You Work Two Jobs? 3 Tips For Keeping Your Career Clothes In Top Condition

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Managing dual jobs gets hectic, but you also know that your decision helps you to reach your financial and career goals. While there are many things that you have to keep up with, one of the most difficult parts is finding the time to do critical tasks such as washing your work clothes. Yet, you also know that maintaining a professional appearance is key to your success. When you are tired of watching the laundry pile up, or showing up to work with yet another wrinkled shirt, you can use these tips to get your wardrobe situation under control.

Identify Stains Right Away

Whether you work in construction or hold an office job, you can bet that you will end up with stains on your clothing. Unfortunately, being in a hurry to change clothes could cause you to forget about a stain, and most clothing stains set in further during a normal wash and dry cycle. Make it a habit to mark stains as soon as you take off your clothes. Once they are marked, your dry cleaning delivery service will be better able to make sure that they are properly treated.

Delegate Laundering Chores

With two jobs, you may barely have enough time to get a quick meal, much less to do endless piles of laundry. For people with busy schedules, delivery dry cleaners are an asset that allows you to always have fresh clothing available without feeling stressed out. In fact, having your clothing picked up and delivered even saves you the commute time. You can then use the extra time in you schedule to relax, squeeze in a few more work hours or enjoy time with your family.

Use the Right Cleaning Methods

Having to buy new clothes regularly is a huge expense that ruins the point of working two jobs. Sadly, all it takes is using the wrong cleaning method to destroy a perfectly nice work shirt or dress. Always read the label on your clothing, and follow the instructions to the letter. When in doubt about how to remove a stain or whether or not something can be dried in the dryer, consult with your professional cleaners to make sure that every garment retains its proper appearance.

You may be short on time, but your wardrobe doesn't have to show it. By streamlining your laundry routine, you can look forward to always showing up to work in pristine clothing that shows your commitment to professionalism.