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Did Hiring A Teenage Pet Sitter Turn Into A Catastrophe? 3 Tips To Rid Your House Of That Dreaded Cat Urine Smell

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At first glance, you thought you had found a deal for pet sitting services. After all, the kid down the street seemed responsible enough, and you can't help but feel good about giving a young adult some extra money for college or to buy a car. However, you did not count on them being a mismatch, and the evidence hit you hard from the moment you entered your house after your trip. While cat urine is one of the foulest odors you can encounter, you can rid your home of the stench with these tips for urine odor stain cleaning.

Start With the Litter Box

While your teenage sitter may have had good intentions for taking the position, it's possible that they got hit with an unexpected emergency or were uncomfortable with your cat. Either way, you likely found that they allowed the litter box to overflow. If you cleaned the litter box but still find an odor around the area, then it's possible that the urine has permeated the grout between the tiles. Professional grout cleaning can remove set-in urine stains without causing damage.

Check the Furniture for Stains

Even cats that are well-trained with the litter box may begin to have accidents when they are under extreme stress. Since cats prefer to stay clean, your cat may have resorted to using other areas of your home to relieve themselves rather than stepping one of their delicate paws into the nasty litter box. Be sure to check your upholstery for signs of cat urine such as areas with discoloration or an unusual texture. Often, upholstery cleaning reveals that urine was in the furniture without the cat owners even knowing.

Finish Up With a Complete Carpet Cleaning

As a cat owner, you know that regular carpet cleaning helps to keep allergens such as dander down. However, you may need to let the cleaning crew know that this time requires some serious pet stain removal. By communicating what happened, you can make sure that the cleaning team arrives with everything they need to attack the odors generated by a house that sat too long with cat urine seeping into various porous surfaces.

After their recent experience, your cat is likely happy to have you home. Now that you are, it's time to take back control over your residence so that the only evidence of your cat in the house is those adorable little cuddle attacks.