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Raw Sewage Backup: Important Information You Should Know

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One of the worst scenarios a homeowner can face is the discovery of raw sewage in their basement. If you're faced with such a discovery, it's imperative you understand the severity of the matter and that you know what to do in the situation. Here is some information to get you started.

Recognize the Danger

Raw sewage has an incredibly offensive odor and is the definition of a nuisance, but more than anything else, raw sewage is incredibly dangerous. Raw sewage is nothing more than a liquid blend of waste. Within the sewage blend, there are all sorts of organisms and bacteria that can be hazardous to your health with even just a short amount of contact with your body. For people with existing injuries, the level of danger is only heightened.  

Stay Away

Once you notice the problem, it's best that you stay away from the area. Do not attempt to perform cleanup on your own. A sewage cleanup requires a deep cleaning, and the average person lacks both the proper equipment and appropriate skill level to perform the step efficiently. For example, even walking in the area for a few moments would require you to wear a hazmat suit, respirator, and eye protection. 

Don't Remove Anything From the Area

Do not remove anything from the area where the sewage is at. For example, the chair in the corner of the basement might not be covered in the waste products. While it would appear that the chair is fine, you must remember that bacteria and organisms are often airborne. Airborne particles can easily settle into the fibers of an upholstered object. When you move the chair from one part of your home to another part, you only transfer these particles to the other spaces in your home and increase your risk for illness. 

Call a Professional

The best solution in this unfortunate scenario is to contact a professional restoration company. The water restoration company will safely remove the waste product from your home and then tackle the step of sanitizing and salvaging the items in the area that are not beyond irreversible damage. A qualified water restoration company might even be able to pinpoint the malfunction that led to the issue so that you can take steps to have repairs performed.

A raw sewage backup is a serious concern that requires your immediate attention. Make sure you call a restoration company like Blue Ribbon Carpet Cleaning as soon as possible.