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Power Wash Your Old Wood Fence To Make It Look New

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If you're regretting your decision to let your wood fence age naturally and develop a gray surface, you might be able to restore the color of the fence by having it power washed. Hiring a power washing company is much less expensive than having a new fence installed, and your fence will practically look like new. Here's how it works.

Your Fence Should Be Structurally Sound

If your fence is still strong but it's just discolored, it is a better candidate for power washing than a fence that is falling down. If your fence needs repairs, do those first and make sure the wood is stable and sturdy before subjecting it to the power washer. While power washing won't harm the fence if done properly, you may not want to go to the expense of washing the fence if you'll have to replace it soon anyway.

Using The Correct Pressure Is Critical

Power washing wood takes an experienced touch. That's why you may want to leave restoring a wood fence or wood deck to a professional. A setting that is too high will gouge the wood or cause it to splinter. The lightest pressure needed to do the job must be used to avoid unnecessary damage. The goal is to blast away the top layer of gray oxidation on the wood. When that's gone along with dirt and stains, the original wood color shows through. After your fence has been power washed, it could look just like a new fence.

Consider Applying A Stain When The Wood Is Dry

Exposure to weather and the aging process will cause your fence to slowly turn gray again. If you know you don't like the appearance of your fence when it looks gray and old, be sure to apply a stain to protect the wood once it is dry. You don't want to do it right away because the wood needs to be thoroughly dry. If your fence is in full sun all day, it might be dry in a couple of days, but if it is in the shade, it will take longer.

One thing you might want to think about if you're hiring a power washing company anyway is to use the opportunity to deep clean other parts of your property. A power washer can be used to clean a deck, sidewalks, driveway, and even the exterior of your home. Power washing is a great way to get things clean fast without a lot of labor and scrubbing.