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Three Services That Your Small Business Should Outsource

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If you've always dreamed of starting your own small business but are worried that it will wreak havoc on your work-life balance, your concerns are well-warranted. Various studies show that those who step off the corporate treadmill and into their own small business often end up working more hours than they did before. Small business owners also end up wearing a lot of different hats during the course of a normal workday, doing everything from running errands to scrubbing floors. Many small businesses try to keep their staff as small as possible in order to keep costs down and maximize profits. 

Fortunately, today's small business owners have the option of outsourcing as a compromise between handling certain tasks themselves or putting on extra full-time staff. Following are three routine office chores that you should consider outsourcing. 


Payroll is more complex than simply tallying up hours and signing checks. Wage and hour laws change frequently, and professional payroll services make it their business to stay on top of these changes. Also, keep in mind that a payroll mistake can result in time-consuming and expensive audits, which is one of the last things that any new small business needs. 

Janitorial Services

Many small business owners decide to handle janitorial chores themselves or pass them off to employees. However, this is generally a poor idea. Employees who are asked to perform janitorial tasks may be resentful if the expectation wasn't made clear at the point of hire, however. Janitorial work isn't something that can be squeezed into the course of a normal day -- wet floors during business hours are a risk that small businesses can't afford to take, so you'll have to stay after hours in order to get this done, and you may find yourself rushing through it and not doing a thorough job. 

Many people also make the mistake of viewing janitorial work as unskilled labor, but that is not the case. A trained janitorial employee or company like Metro Maintainers Building Services can work hard and try to get the job done right. 

Social Media 

It's important for today's businesses to have a strong social media presence,but this is more complex than simply making couple of posts per week on Facebook or sending out some tweets on a regular basis. Your social media presence should clearly show your brand as well as encourage reader engagement, and many small business owners prefer to leave this in the hands of professionals.