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Three Issues That Require Duct Cleaning

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When dealing with your home, there are some cleaning jobs that can easily go ignored. Cleaning under the oven, cleaning above the cabinets, and cleanining the duct and vents can receive less attention than all of the other chores. If you ignore any of these jobs for too long, you will be able to tell the difference in how your systems run. Here are three issues that alert you to the fact that your ducts need to be cleaned out as soon as possible. 

Your dryer is no longer effective

If you find yourself needing two cycles of drying for one load of clothing, this is a sign that your dryer is no longer operating at its optimal state. When you are having to dry clothes for much longer than usual, getting the dryer ducts cleaned should be your number one priority. Your cleaning firm can come and take a look at the ducts for the dryer to determine if they are clogged. If there is no clog, the vent themselves could need to be replaced due to age. 

The house smell is odd

Sometimes the home can develop an odd smell and you cant put your finger on exactly where it is coming from. At these times, it is a good idea to check the air ducts. If the air ducts have not been clean in a while, it is common for the air ducts to add an odd smell to the home. Have a professional service come to clean your air ducts. Having the duct vents cleaned of dirt and having the air filters changed out will positively impact the quality of the air in the home. Clearing up the system can clear up the home's smell almost immediately. 

Some is having an asthma flare-up

If anyone in your home has asthma it is imperative that a cleaning routine is developed to keep them from having an asthma attack. If the people in your home who suffer from asthma seem to be having more allergy issues and asthma attacks, this could be a sign that your home filtration system is not working the way that it usually does. Have an air duct cleaning service come to check out the filtration system and give you a report on the health of the air filtration system. A deep cleaning or a tune-up of the system may be what the doctor ordered. 

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