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How To Keep Your Tile Flooring Clean And Shiny

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Tile flooring is beautiful, and it lasts a long time. However, if you don't have it cleaned regularly, it begins to look dull and dingy. Grout is a porous material that soaks up dirt and stains. Trying to clean it with chemicals and a toothbrush can make it look worse if you don't rinse the cleaning solution thoroughly. Cleaning products can also leave residue on the tiles and make them look hazy rather than clean and shiny. Here's how to keep your tile floors looking their best.

Have The Flooring Professionally Cleaned

You'll want to mop and clean your floors frequently to keep dust, dirt, and debris off the tiles and out of the grout lines. Frequent cleaning also helps keep them sanitary. However, just like the carpeting in your home, a tile floor looks much better if you have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Professionals have equipment that uses high pressure to force dirt and grime out of the tile and grout. When a cleaning solution is used, it is thoroughly removed with a powerful vacuum that rinses and dries the flooring, so no dull film is left behind. By having deep residue removed regularly, your floors attract less grime, so they are easier to keep clean.

Seal The Floors After Cleaning

Ask the cleaners about sealing the flooring once it has been washed and dried. Sealing involves applying a thin layer of a wax coating that protects the tiles and keeps them shiny. The coating helps prevent stains and makes it easier for you to keep the floor clean with just mopping. The coating will wear away eventually, but you can help it last as long as possible by sweeping the floors regularly so sand doesn't get ground into the tiles and wear the shiny surface away.

Consider Coloring The Grout

If it has been years since your flooring was professionally cleaned, then the grout may be permanently discolored due to its porous nature. When that happens, you can have color applied to the grout to restore it to its original state. The color covers the grime stains and makes the grout lines bright again. The difference is especially noticeable if the lines are intended to be white but have turned gray over the years. The tile and grout cleaning company may also provide this service, and it's a great way to make your flooring look like new again.

You can schedule professional cleaning of your tile and grout at the same time as you have your carpets professionally cleaned so your entire home will be cleaner and smell fresher. After professionally cleaning the tile, the flooring has a deep luster and shine once again, so it is definitely worth it for the appearance alone. However, your floor will also be more sanitary, and that is important when you have kids that play on the floor or pets that make occasional messes.