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Office Cleaning: 3 Tips To Help You Have A Clean Office

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As a general rule, your office is your second home. By the end of the day, and most definitely by the end of the week, you are probably searching through mounds of paper, trash, and simply junk to locate your car keys, cell phone and a variety of other things. The last thing that you need is a dirty office. A clean office not only looks great, but it allows you to be more productive and healthier. Here are a few tips that will help you organize and clean your office:

Tip #1: Get Organized.

One of the key signs of being inefficient is having tons of paperwork lying all around your office. It not just looks messy, but it can be extremely time-consuming to search for what you need. To help ensure that you can locate what you need when you need it, make sure that each item has a designated location. In addition, all items need to be labeled. The best thing you can do is to have filing cabinets with separate file folders that are properly and clearly labeled. Don't forget to have organizers for your drawers, pens and pencils, mail, etc.

Tip #2: Disinfect the Restrooms.

To help keep your employees, customers, and clients safe and your office clean, it is important to disinfect your restrooms on a regular basis. Restrooms are the highest-trafficked areas of the office, so the disinfection needs to be a daily task – if not a task that is performed several times throughout the day. If you fail to do this, germs will be left behind and infectious diseases may be spread. You need to pay attention to the floors, counters, sinks, and toilet (bowls, seat, lid, etc.). In addition, you need to also refill paper towels, toilet paper, and liquid soap.

Tip #3: Keep the Break Room Clean.

The break room is probably the second highest trafficked area in the home, and it is also an area where employees are able to spend time away from their desks and gossip. It is a great area where the morale of employees can improve. Therefore, this room needs to be kept clean. You can do this by cleaning and organizing the refrigerator on a weekly basis. For instance, each Friday all food left in the fridge will be disposed of at the end of the business day unless it is marked. At the end of each day, the entire break room, including the microwave, needs to be disinfected and properly cleaned to avoid the growth of bacteria and mold.

This all probably seems a little overwhelming, but it all needs to be done. If it is too much for you to handle or you don't want to take your employees from their regular job, you may want to consider hiring business cleaning services in your area.