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Equipment That A Professional Cleaning Contractor Will Use To Address Your Basement Water Damage

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When your basement floods to any degree, you might decide to address the problem on your own. While it's possible to get rid of the water with some hard work and the right gear, you may not be able to do so in a timely manner. The longer your basement stays wet, the more damage will occur — and this will lead to a costly basement renovation and perhaps even diminished air quality in your home because of the mold that will soon be growing. It's a better idea to hire a cleaning contractor when you discover a wet basement. This professional has professional gear that will allow him or her to dry out the basement quickly. Here are some pieces of equipment that the contractor will use.

Wet Vacuum

Whereas you might attempt to get rid of the water in your basement with scoops and sponges, a professional cleaner will use a wet vacuum to quickly suck up the water. This isn't a similar vacuum to what you own. Whereas sucking up liquids would ruin your household vacuum, a wet vacuum can quickly suck up the standing water in the basement. This is the first tool that your cleaner will use, and it will be valuable for getting rid of any water in the basement as quickly as possible.

Industrial Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a valuable piece of equipment for pulling moisture out of your basement, but the process will take too long if you use the dehumidifier that you might run during the summer months. Instead, your cleaning professional will rely on an industrial-strength dehumidifier to collect moisture in the basement at a rapid rate. Once the water is off the floor, the contractor will plug this piece of equipment in and turn it on — and it may run around the clock to help dry up the basement for you.

Heavy Fans

The cleaning professional will also use heavy-duty fans to help dry out the basement as quickly as possible. Used in conjunction with the industrial-strength dehumidifer, the fans will yield quick results. If the basement has windows, the contractor will open them and position the fans to blow wet air outside. If the conditions outside are dry, the cleaning contractor may also position a heavy-duty fan in front of another window to suck dry air into the space. With these key pieces of equipment and the contractor's experience, you'll be enjoying a dry basement in a short amount of time. For more information, contact a business such as Continental Carpet Cleaning Restoration.