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How To Thoroughly Clean Your Home

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Every now and then you probably realize that it's time to do a thorough job of cleaning your house. Maybe it looks well organized and pretty, but you've notice that there are things like cobwebs under the bed and sticky spots under your kitchen cabinets. If that's the case, here are some ideas that will help you to have the cleanest house you've ever had.

Make It A Family Affair - No matter how young your children are, unless they're babies, you can put them to work.

  • Have a meeting where you inform everybody in the family that you need their help in getting the house clean.
  • Set a day, or even several days, that will be designated as the time when you'll focus on cleaning.
  • Make a list of everything you want to accomplishing cleaning your house.
  • Ahead of time, buy all the cleaning supplies you will need.

The Actual Cleaning - After you have planned your cleaning time, make a poster of all the jobs that need to be accomplished.

  • Consider working as teams.
  • If you decide to work as teams, pair younger children with older ones.
  • Showing the jobs on the poster, allow your helpers to select the chores they want to do.
  • Check things off as they are accomplished.

The Major Jobs - While you can certainly do the dusting and the other small jobs, you need a professional commercial cleaning service to do the big chores.

  • Again, make a list of things you feel that you can't do yourselves.
  • A cleaning service would be perfect for deep cleaning your tile and the grout between it, for example.
  • Things like hard-to-reach windows are better left to professionals, too.
  • The great thing about hiring a professional cleaning service to help you is that the workers will have the expertise to pay attention to detail. Also, they'll have state-of-the-art equipment that can thoroughly do the job.

After your house is totally clean, you may decide that you want to have the cleaning service come to your home on a regular basis to maintain it. Think about having a weekly family cleaning day, while hiring the professionals to come in every other week or once a month to clean your house. You will soon realize that this is money well spent, as your house will be clean from top to bottom. It might be fun to take before-and-after pictures so you can see the difference a thorough cleaning makes.