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Crawler In The House? 3 Things To Baby Proof Before You Let Them Loose

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The day you have been waiting for has finally arrived. You have noticed that your little one has finally started to scoot. Now, you are in a rush trying to get everything perfect before your baby begins to stretch their wings. As you start baby proofing, make sure to get down to your baby's level and look for these three commonly overlooked things that need to be cleaned and made safe for your little mover.

Check Out Your Furniture

You never know how many things are lurking beneath and within your furniture until you really start to look. Lift those cushions, and remove choking hazards such as coins, game piece and pen caps. Then, make sure that the upholstery is clean so that your little one can be ready to grab on to it when they practicing standing up. Add some protective cushions to any hard corners, and you can rest easy knowing that you have removed some of the most dangerous household hazards for crawlers.

Clean Up Soiled Carpets

Many new parents have their carpets professionally cleaned before their baby is born. Yet, the past few months have likely exposed your carpets to spit up, baby food stains and dirt from constant visitors. Make sure your baby has a clean place to practice their new moves by arranging for carpet cleaning before you let them roam free. This has the added benefit of helping keep allergens down since your baby will be playing so close to the ground.

Secure Your Curtains

Window treatments are one of those things that fade into the background when you live in your house for a while. However, those brightly colored fabrics are a big temptation to tiny hands. Use curtain holders to tie back and raise long curtains until they are out of your baby's reach. Secure any curtain or window blind cords way up high and choose child-safe cords when you can.

One of the best parts about baby proofing is that you get a chance to really deep clean your home. After all, you can't have your baby finding a random piece of dirt in your carpet and putting it in their mouth. Now that all of the hard work is done, get ready to enjoy capturing all of those special moments with your baby on video while knowing that the background is always sparkling clean and safe for your little one.