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Time To Paint Your Home? How To Power Wash It Before You Begin

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If you're going to be painting your home, you want to ensure the proper coverage. The last thing you want is for your home to require multiple coats. Unfortunately, if the exterior of your home is dirty, that's exactly what can can happen. Paint has a difficult time adhering to dirt and oils. That's why it's crucial that you give your home a thorough cleaning before you paint it. The best way to clean your home is with a power washer. If you're new to house power washing, here are some simple instructions to help get you going.

Prep Your Home

Before you start scrubbing your home with a power washer, you'll need to do some basic prep work. This prep work will help prevent damage to certain areas of your home, and ensure that hard-to-clean areas are pre-treated.

Cover Things Up

Power washers use a lot of pressure to get things clean. Unfortunately, that power can damage things like your light fixtures, and your plants. To protect them from damage, cover them with tarps and then secure them with duct tape. When you're done cleaning, you can remove the tarps.

Repair the Damage

If you've got cracks in your stucco, you need to repair them before you use your power washer. If you don't, the pressure could cause additional damage to your home. Use a wire brush to remove the debris from inside the cracks. Next, fill the cracks with water-proof caulking. Finally, use a putty knife to smooth the surface and allow the caulk to dry.

Remove the Mold

If you've got mold on your stucco, you'll need to scrub it away before using the power washer. Pre-treating the area will ensure that the problem doesn't return. Fill a bucket with warm water and add about 1 cup of bleach. Use a scrub brush to remove the mold and rinse the area with fresh water.

Work From Top to Bottom

Once you've done the prep work on your home, you'll be ready to start with the power washer. Fill the detergent dispenser with cleaning solution, and attach your garden hose. Put on your safety goggles to protect your eyes before turning the pressure washer on. Begin scrubbing your home, from top to bottom, all the way around. Once you've washed the entire home, go back and rinse it with clear water.

If it's time to paint your home, don't start until you've given it a thorough cleaning. Use the tips provided here to power wash your home. If you've found dirt in areas of your home's exterior that you can't get to, contact a cleaning service near you. They'll provide you with a professional cleaning so you can get busy painting.