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3 Things You Should Ask Before Hiring A Cleaning Company

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Your office is full of valuable and expensive things. Choosing an office cleaning company is very important. Allowing people to come into your office and have access to your things, and the information inside the office takes a lot of trust. That is why it is important that you ask the proper questions and consider the right things before hiring anyone. Here are some things you should consider.

Does The Cleaning Company Have An Insurance Policy?

A legitimate cleaning company will have an insurance policy that will protect the employees and company in the case that things are broken, stolen, or missing. A good cleaning service understands that although you can do your best to hire the right people and do everything you can to be sure nothing happens, there are still accidents and things beyond your control, such as breaking equipment while cleaning. This is why it is very important that you find a company that has a good insurance policy and can prove that you will be covered for up to a certain amount.

How Do They Vet Their Employees?

You should always ask the cleaning company how they choose whom to hire. It is very important that you can determine that the people in your office are safe to be there. Since you will be hiring a company to do the cleaning, it is up to them to vet each individual employee. The cleaning company should be administering drug tests, background checks, and should be verifying the citizenship of each person they hire. If they can't prove that they have done that with each person who will be in your office, you may need to look elsewhere for a cleaning company.

Do They Have A Detailed List Of What Will Be Done?

Lastly, before you hire any company you should get a list of the services that they will be providing. They should have a checklist that each employee completes each time they come to clean your property. You should also be given a copy of the list so that if needed you can verify that the jobs got done and that you are pleased with the services. This breakdown should also include the cost. For instance, they should have a cost associated with each item so that you can opt out of certain things and know how much money you will save.

By asking these questions you can be sure that you are hiring the right cleaning company for your needs. Check with companies like Summit Building Systems for more information.