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Keeping Your Light-Colored Carpeting In Like-New Condition For As Long As Possible

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If you just had a light shade of carpeting installed inside of your office building, you are most likely excited to show off the new covering to your customers and employees. Carpeting will need special care so that it retains its original appearance. Failure to take precautions in protecting it can lead to grungy floors and damaged material. Here are some steps you can use within your small business to aid in keeping your light-colored carpeting looking like new for a long time.

Consider Hiring A Cleaning Service

If you do not have a maintenance service on-site to handle tasks around your business, consider hiring someone to tend to the maintenance of your carpeting and other features in your building. This person will be able to order supplies needed to keep your floors in the best condition and will apply them periodically to aid in the removal of debris. Ask them to add a protective spray to new carpeting to aid in repelling dirt as well. Some carpeting companies will also offer this feature to new buyers. Keep a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner and steam-cleaning equipment on the premises for cleaning purposes as well.

Use Tactics To Keep Dirt Off Of Carpeting

Gently inform those coming into your establishment that you would prefer that they wipe their feet upon entry. Place a door mat outside of your business and another one inside of the entryway for this purpose. A sign asking people to give their feet a quick wipe will alert them that you wish to keep your carpeting appearing like new. Most people will follow these instructions, helping to keep your carpeting looking great. Use clear mats on areas of your floor where customers and employees walk frequently at times when precipitation is present outdoors. Wipe down the mats at the end of the work day and store them for the next usage.

Handle The Removal Of Stains Right Away

It is best to keep food and beverages away from your new carpeting. Provide an area for your employees and customers to enjoy a meal or snack if desired. Indicate where this area is located with the addition of a sign near your front entryway. If someone does happen to spill a staining substance on your carpeting, remove any solid pieces with a piece of material. Afterward, use a clean piece of material to blot the portion of carpeting. Spray a bit of vinegar or water on the carpeting to aid in the removal of the substance. If discoloration does not appear to be going away, call a professional cleaning service like Peerless Building Maintenance immediately.