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Strategies To Minimize The Risk Of Carpet Damage When You Host A Party

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When you're getting ready to host a party in your home, you likely have a long list of things to think about. Much of what you'll be pondering is the list of foods and drinks that you'll serve. As you consider this topic, it's worthwhile to also think about the risk of damage to your carpet. Refreshments can easily get spilled onto your carpet during parties in which people are standing to eat, which may require you to hire a professional cleaning service to save your carpet. To lessen the risk of damage to your carpet, here are some strategies that you can employ.

Consider The Color Of What You Serve

The color of what you serve might not be on your mind at all — but if you want to prevent your carpet from potentially getting stained, it should be. While you can't completely eliminate the risk of a guest dropping food on your carpet, you can mitigate such issues by serving foods that are lighter colored. These will be less likely to cause damage that requires professional carpet cleaning. For example, if cheesecake is on the menu, topping it with gooey blueberries could spell disaster for your carpet. Instead, pick a lighter fruit, such as lemon.

Use Better Serving Dishes

When you host a gathering in your home, you might be concerned about how many dishes you'll need to do. This could compel you to give your guests napkins on which to eat their food. However, the flimsy nature of napkins means that they don't provide much support for food, which may lead to more things hitting your carpet. Even if it's extra work doing dishes at the end of the night, using small serving dishes will provide more stability for people while they eat.

Open Up More Of Your Home

Another potential way that food can get dropped onto your carpet and require the carpet to be professionally cleaned is when a particular room is too crowded. When the space is packed, people can mistakenly bump into one another and jostle food and drink. You can avoid this problem by keeping your guest list small — however, if this isn't your style, opening up more of your home can thin the crowd out. For example, instead of having everyone mingle in the living room, encourage others to hang out in the basement and dining room, too. This will allow for less of a concentration of guests, which can be a good thing for the condition of your carpet.