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Start Your Own Pressure Washing Business With These Tips

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If you're looking for a business idea that can keep you physically active and also turn a profit, you might wish to consider pressure washing. With a minimal startup investment, you can buy a heavy-duty pressure washer and a variety of attachments. Then, you can solicit work from companies throughout your area that may have a need for pressure washing. If you do a good job, word of mouth will ideally spread — and soon, you may have a steady amount of work. Eventually, you may even be able to buy more gear and hire an employee. Here are some tips for approaching this business idea.

Businesses To Contact

Many businesses can benefit from commercial-grade pressure washing. Any business that has problems with graffiti, for example, will want to hire someone to remove the paint with a pressure washer in a timely manner. Similarly, many businesses can use a pressure washing service for keeping their building clean, washing down the sidewalk and parking lot, and even cleaning their fleet of vehicles. Once you've identified businesses in your community that may have the above needs, you can drop in to offer your services or have pamphlets made up that you can drop off.

Building A Portfolio

Pressure washing is a business that creates a visual difference, so you'll want to take before and after shots of your work. Whether you're cleaning graffiti, a dirty parking lot, or a filthy truck, capture images of the scene before you begin your work. Once the job is done, get photos of the clean scene — making sure to take them from the same angles so that it's easy to compare the two images. Then, you can work on having a website built that can include a photo gallery that shows your work. With clear images taken before and after your pressure washing, prospective clients will appreciate the value of your service.

Growing The Business

As your business grows, you can certainly add more pressure washers and more employees. However, you might also wish to think about eventually investing in a pressure washer truck. This type of vehicle is equipped with a large water tank connected to a pressure washer, and is ideal for big jobs that need a large volume of water. Whereas someone with a smaller pressure washer will need to fill up the tank several times throughout the completion of the job, a pressure washer truck can get the job done quicker and easier.