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How To Dry-Clean A Carpet Without Removing It From Your Home

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When you want to clean a suit or a coat, you send it to the dry cleaner's. When you want to clean a carpet, you usually get a steam cleaner and a company that does this sort of job. Problem is, most steam cleaners have a tendency to leave your carpet a tad wet. Even the best of them cannot make a carpet completely dry after cleaning it. Enter the age of the dry cleaner for carpet. No, you do not rip out your carpeting and send it to a dry cleaner on a truck. They come to you, and this is how it works.

Same Equipment, Different Process

While dry-cleaning a carpet uses the same equipment as a steam cleaning, the processes are vastly different. Only the smallest amount of water is used for carpet dry-cleaning. The dry-cleaning process also uses lots of carbonated bubbles that cause dirt and soil to explode upward toward the surface of the carpet. The same high-powered extractor commonly used with steam-cleaning is used in dry-cleaning to remove the carbonated bubbles, little bit of water to get the bubbles to pop, and the dirt that was forced upward out of the carpet by the carbonation.

No Detergent Needed

You may have been raised with the idea that detergent is necessary for getting everything clean. However, the proven Chem-Dry process uses no detergents on your carpets at all. Sure, there is no flowery odor or pretty, clean sent when you dry your carpets, but there is also no soapy residue to draw in more dirt and soil and make it stick to your carpets. The carpets are then clean and free of all residues, which is even cleaner than a carpet where lots of soap and water were used.

Tough Stains Are Not a Problem

Steam cleaners have a way of making the stains in your carpet expand. The stains look like they are gone, or they have just spread out so much that they look like they have disappeared or blended into the carpet. That is no way to get a carpet clean. If you want tough stains removed, the chemical process of cleaning a carpet with very little water is effective at breaking up dried in and ground in stains. The suction machine then pulls these bits of stained material and residue straight out of the carpet. The stains are truly gone, and your carpet is truly clean.